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I write a lot of blog posts about pets. Most of them focus on my own two cats in one way or another, but I also do volunteer work for local animal groups. In this post I’ll maintain a list of my pet-related posts.


A closeup of the green eye of a blue patched tabby and white shorthair house cat.  The depth of field is a bit shallow, but a large portion of her eye and the fur around her eye are in focus. (Marc C. Perkins)
Cat eyes on a Friday

Kira, a brown tabby, relaxing on a shelf next to a brick wall.  I love how she looks mildly inquirous while also looking serenly peaceful and comfortable.  She's also got her paws cutely folded up underneath her.  How cat like! (Marc C. Perkins)
Support a good cause, if you so desire

This is a crop of the "Cat tongue closeup: 3/4 view" image, focusing on the tongue.  The original image is a closeup of a cat's tongue from a three-quarters angle as the cat licks a sheepskin rug.  Numerous barbs (spines; filiform papillae) are clearly visible across the width of the tongue.  The papillae are largest in the middle of the tongue, and get progressive smaller towards the edges of the tongue.  The three-quarters angle allows the viewer to better see the height of the barbs.  See the uncropped version of this image for more context. (Marc C. Perkins)
Cat anatomy: the barbed tongue

A closeup of Lucca's hind paw, with her beautiful green eye and nose staring at you from the background in soft focus.  Her paw pad leathers are multicolored because she's a dilute caliby (blue patched tabby and white), so the leathers are patterned just like the rest of her is.  The leathers are a mix of two colors: blue (dilute black) and pink/rose.  The texturing on the pads is also visible; it's like she's got all-terrain tire treads on her paws :) (Marc C. Perkins)
Cat pictures to start the week

Lucca munches on newly germinated (and nibbled on) oat grass (tack oats; Avena sativa). (Marc C. Perkins)
My cats eat grass

Lucca shows off her third eyelid in this sequence of four photographs taken just after she woke up from a nap.  The third eyelid (nictitating membrane or palpebra tertia) is a thin white membrane that slides horizontally across the eye underneath the outer two eyelids.  Humans lack this third eyelid, but most other vertebrates have it.  Lucca here is simultaneously stretching, yawning, and opening her eyes.  In the first image her eyes are completely closed, in the second image her outer two eyelids are partially open, but the nictitating membrane is still entirely covering the eye, in the third image the outer two eyelids are almost entirely open and the nictitating membrane is about half covering the eye, and in the fourth image all three eyelids are fully open. (Marc C. Perkins)
Cat anatomy: the third eyelid

Lucca looking decidedly unimpressed.  This picture reminds me of a typical LOLCat image (e.g.,; I think the caption would be something like "Unimpressed cat is unimpressed", "Meh", or "Is it really Monday already?".  But, sadly, I won't be submitting it to that website, as their terms of service for uploaded images give them way too many rights for free ( (Marc C. Perkins)
Unimpressed cat is unimpressed

Cats (and other pets) up for adoption

Oliver, a two year old male short-haired brown tabby and white cat, sniffs the corner of a cat cage at a rescue shelter.  Oliver likes to climb on top of the cages and explore who is in each one.  Oliver is a sweet cat who needs a home with no dogs and no kids.  Oliver is up for adoption at Miss Kitty's Rescue in Costa Mesa, CA.  This picture was taken pro bono for Miss Kitty's Rescue to help them advertise the cats for adoption. (Marc C. Perkins)
Cats up for adoption in Orange County, CA
at Miss Kitty’s Rescue.

Beauty, a black female terrier / pit bull. (Marc C. Perkins)
Photographing animals at the Newport Beach Animal Shelter


A gray male pet mouse jumps up on the side of a clear plastic cage and holds himself up by his front paws, peering over the edge into the vast unknown beyond the cage.  I love the cute little paws holding onto the edge.  I also like how the whiskers are fully three-dimensional: you can see how they extend around the face in all directions - front, back, top, bottom, and sides. (Marc C. Perkins)
Photographing mice: the adorableness is overwhelming!


Athena, a torbie and white (or caliby) female domestic shorthair cat.  7084. (Marc C. Perkins)
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