Support a good cause, if you so desire

I’ve just entered two pictures into the Humane Society’s World Spay Day photo contest.

Kira, a brown tabby, relaxing on a shelf next to a brick wall.  I love how she looks mildly inquirous while also looking serenly peaceful and comfortable.  She's also got her paws cutely folded up underneath her.  How cat like! (Marc C. Perkins)
Listening Cat is Happy to Hear About Your Problems
Lucca looking decidedly unimpressed.  This picture reminds me of a typical LOLCat image (e.g.,; I think the caption would be something like "Unimpressed cat is unimpressed", "Meh", or "Is it really Monday already?".  But, sadly, I won't be submitting it to that website, as their terms of service for uploaded images give them way too many rights for free ( (Marc C. Perkins)
Unimpressed Cat is Unimpressed

I personally donate to the Humane Society, and am happy to help a good cause. As such, in addition to entering my images into their judged category, I’ve also entered them into their “fundraiser” competition. In this competition the entries compete for votes, which can be obtained by donating to the Humane Society:





There’s no way I can win the fundraiser category, and I don’t want to try1. Instead, I want to use this as an opportunity to give you an excuse to donate a little something to a worthy cause. And, just to reinforce the idea that I’m not in this for the fundraiser competition prize, if I do somehow win I’ll donate the prize (an iPad 2 and iPod) to the Orange Coast College Disabled Students Center.

The contest ends February 29 at 10:00pm EST, so donate before then if you desire (by following the links above).

1 Votes are tallied per individual picture, not per photographer. So, by posting two pictures I’m possibly splitting any votes I get. But this way you get to vote for your favorite of my two cats!

More pictures

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3 thoughts on “Support a good cause, if you so desire

  1. Nice pictures and great cause, thankyou! Both my pets came from the Humane Society, and they are the best pets ever! So appreciative! Also really love the photos of the “barred cat tongue.” I am eagerly awaiting your next photo installment. Best Wishes!

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you liked the barbed tongue pictures; they were fun to take 🙂

      Next up will actually be an aphid closeup, but I’ll try to get some more cat pictures posted for you soon 🙂

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