Chicken cat

While photographing Oliver for my cats up for adoption series, I captured this image of him looking just like a chicken, which I thought would make a great post to end the week:

Oliver, a two year old male short-haired brown tabby and white cat, looks like a chicken in this picture.  Here he's perked up and stretched his neck as far up as it'll go, looking intently at something off camera.  He really does look like a chicken here.  Oliver is a sweet cat who needs a home with no dogs and no kids.  Oliver is up for adoption at Miss Kitty's Rescue in Costa Mesa, CA.  This picture was taken pro bono for Miss Kitty's Rescue to help them advertise the cats for adoption. (Marc C. Perkins)
Oliver: chicken cat.

He was standing on top of a bank of cages at the rescue, and had just been mildly startled by something off in the distance.  So he stretched his neck up to see better.

Can’t you just hear the clucking?

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