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Science uses one of my images

This week’s Science, the preeminent scientific journal, features one of my images:

A mouse scratching its face on Science's website
A screen capture of Science’s March 10, 2017 issue’s website (used with permission of AAAS).

The image is being used to illustrate the accompaniment to an article on contagious itching in mice.  This is now my second image publication in Science; the first was a looser crop of this image, used to illustrate the accompaniment to an article on limb digit developmental patterns.

Many thanks to the editors of Science for being repeat customers of my images!

And, for the photographers out there who want to know how I did this, the answer is sadly low-tech: I posted a keyword-rich album of mouse closeups many years ago on my Photoshelter website, and the art associates / designers of Science found me.  They e-mailed me with an urgent request, and both times we had a contract and price agreed on within a few hours of their first e-mail.

Ordering from BWC Photo through Photoshelter

[Updated June 8, 2011; see comments at the bottom]

I recently switched my website hosting to Photoshelter, a hosting company targeted at photographers.  Photoshelter supports direct image sales on their hosted sites though a number of print vendors, and I’m now using BWC Photo Imaging to supply my prints. This means that when someone wants a print of mine (editor’s note: shouldn’t that be a very big “if”, not “when”?) they can peruse the options online, order what they want directly from my website, pay via PayPal or credit card, and have the print shipped directly to them from the printer1.

To test out the service I ordered a wide variety of prints, ranging in size from 4×6″ through 12×18″, along with a photo mug.  Ordering was easy (click “buy” on the image’s page, choose size, choose cropping, lather, rinse, repeat), though there was an unspecified problem with my order after I placed it that held it up for a few days.  I never found out what the problem was, but Photoshelter’s support looked into it quickly, and a week and a half after I placed the order it arrived on my doorstep.

Everything came in a large outer box, and while the padding in the box was reused paper envelopes, they were surdy enough to keep everything in place. The two inner boxes were shrinkwrapped together, helping hold them in place.

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