Occupy Orange County November 5: The Pictures [updated]

I’ve been working on my pictures from the November 5 Occupy Orange County, Irvine march; it’s been a fun day of processing, and I’ve got a lot to share. There are a few images that I love artistically, and many more that aren’t so artistic, but that I want to post for documentation or so people in the march can see themselves.

I’ll be dividing the pictures up into themed galleries, which are linked to below. If you’re not sure where to start, just check out the highlights gallery, my highly edited collection from the day.

Highlights from the day


People and their signs


Protesters at banks


Marion (Marc C. Perkins) Faces of Occupy Irvine

Blog posts from the event:

This page will get updated as I add more pictures and blog posts, so if you want to link to my pictures from the event this is probably the best post to use.

[Updated Nov. 8 to add a gallery of people with their signs, and Nov. 10 to add a gallery of the afternoon’s speakers.]

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