A new self portrait: candlelight at night

While out backpacking at Crystal Cove State Park a few weeks ago I decided to experiment with some night photography. I was hoping to do some star work, but heavy fog nixed that idea. I instead played with some flower and intimate landscape work, but nothing really shone.

I also decided to try a self portrait, lit only by the light of a windproof camping candle given to me by a hiking friend who (sadly) moved away last year. Here’s the result:

A good friend who moved away last year gave me this windproof candle housing for backpacking.  While experimenting with night photography on a foggy night at the Lower Moro Campground at Crystal Cove I captured this picture of myself.  I call it, "Thinking of you." (Marc C. Perkins)
"Thinking of you."

More pictures

To see more pictures from the trip, head to my Crystal Cove State Park Wilderness Gallery or read my Flowers of Crystal Cove State Park: The joys of a foggy morning post.

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