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Photographing animals at the Newport Beach Animal Shelter

I’ve started volunteering with the Newport Beach Police Department’s Animal Control Unit to take pictures of their dogs and cats so they can add pictures to their Petfinder website. Last week was my first session with them, and I had a great time photographing about 20 animals in one afternoon.

First up were the dogs. Many of them were super-exited to be let out for a photography session, and thus just a smidgen hyper.  But this white husky was downright calm:

A white female siberian husky (Marc C. Perkins)
A white female siberian husky shakes the hand of an Orange County Humane Society worker.

And lots of the dogs had perfect “adopt me” expressions

A male brown bicolor terrier / American Pit Bull. N053 (Marc C. Perkins)
A male brown bicolor American pit bull terrier.
Beauty, a black female terrier / pit bull. (Marc C. Perkins)
Beauty, a black female pit bull terrier.

There was also a regal chihuahua, and a Pug who was just adorable:

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Unimpressed cat is unimpressed

I took this picture a few days ago, and just love Lucca’s LOLcat-ish “meh” expression:

Lucca looking decidedly unimpressed.


This was taken late one afternoon while Lucca sat on our homemade 6′ tall cat tree. Sunlight was streaming in a window directly behind Lucca and bouncing off a wall to the left of the image, creating wonderfully soft, even lighting with a hint of backlighting.

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